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The CSG has an active events program that uses virtual and live events to stimulate vibrant public dialogue on pressing global security and governance issues.

Upcoming Events

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Waterloo Symposium on Technology and Society (WSTS)

The Waterloo Symposium on Technology & Society seeks to promote public discourse in Canada and beyond on the societal challenges and opportunities created by innovations in four primary areas: artificial intelligence, robotics, big data and social media. Held in one of Canada’s premier technology hubs, Waterloo, Canada, and streamed live online, the series features globally renowned thinkers that challenge audiences to consider more carefully how rapid technological change disrupt our everyday lives.

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CSG eSeminar Series

The CSG’s eSeminar series brings together a diverse set of experts and practioners in a virtual space to discuss and debate global security and governance issues. The interactive series gives audience members a unique opportunity to directly engage prominent voices in the field.  

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Contemporary Debates on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding

This virtual seminar series, launched in 2015 with funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), provides a platform for academics, policy researchers, civil society leaders, students, and officials from governments and international organizations to share ideas and discuss best practices around the implementation of peacebuilding and statebuilding programs in conflict-affected societies.

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